The Art of Usefulness

Successful design meets real human needs, from the home alarm systems keeping our nights safe to the library of podcasts enriching our morning commutes. With each new project and team that I join, I strive to be useful in the very same way—Hunting for the best collaboration tools, weeding out stale production processes and asking good questions until the hidden answers emerge.

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Look Before You (Financially) Leap

Credit Karma's groundbreaking partnership with Transunion allows users to test multiple financial choices before making them a reality. The backend system pings your current credit information against Transunion's scoring model to deliver the most accurate simulation possible.

Product Design: Jacob Wilen     Product Manager: Anthony Lingen     Front-End Developer: Igor Antoshevski     User Research: Yasmine Khan

Results   Live Site 

Among CK’s 50M members, this is currently the most-used feature on the site with thousands of clicks per minute.


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Demystify Your Credit Score Changes

In the early days, Credit Karma reliably alerted users when their had score jumped or dipped, but was lacking more useful context. Introducing this suite of new features gave users a deeper dive into the 'Why?' behind each score fluctuation, complete with tips on how to keep improving.

Product Design: Jacob Wilen     Product Manager: Andrew Brix     Front-End Developer: Michael Wong     User Research: Yasmine Khan

Results   Live Site 

Within six months of launch, the CK App rose to the #2 most downloaded in Apple's US personal finance app category.


A Friendlier Email Template System

Before our redesign, Credit Karma's emails felt...a bit cold. With some user research and common sense, the copy and layout was realigned with the company values of empathy and gentle encouragement. Design-wise, the new template system allowed our content team to quickly create rich newsletters with multiple layout options while adhering to the newly updated style guide.

Design: Jacob Wilen     Engagement Marketing Director: Ziad El Baba     Content Strategist: Jessica Guerin     Brand Manager: Ya-Hsuan Huang


  • Click rates doubled

  • Opt-outs decreased by 25%

  • Email-generated revenue increased by 50% over three months


Deep Filtering for Advanced Medical Research

Understanding the highly trained power-users that rely on BioCentury’s vast medical database was an enormous challenge. Most of this project involved complex information architecture and mapping out a nearly limitless amount of use cases. The final design is intuitive and organized without sacrificing the sophistication and complexity required.

Product Design: Jacob Wilen     Director of Digital Content: Shabnam Sigman     Director of Software Development David Smiling

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